Get FREE Instant Loans via Cashwagon for the First 10 Days

Get FREE Instant Loans with Cashwagon for the First 10 Days

The world is changing, so are the technology and the growth in our increasing needs. That said, we all are in need of financial solutions to solve or settle our needs and demands from time to time.

Recently, Cashwagon, a renowned company for its remarkable financial technology services across Southeast Asia, including its presence in Cambodia, has offered the first 10-day loan for FREE on interest rates and service charges. When you submit a loan for $80 today, you’ll need to pay back $80 only. No either interest rates or service charges are counted!

To apply for a loan through Cashwagon, simply:

  • Visit and fill in your name and phone number. Complete 4 easy steps and wait for an approval via a text message or phone call. Then, you’ll receive your loan within just 30 minutes.
  • Or, contact our customer service and sale support team with ease via 016 962 512 and answer few easy questions about you. Then, you’ll receive your loan within just 30 minutes.

What’s more, you can submit a loan application through Cashwagon using just number of your own ID card, with no pledged asset or any other important documentations required. Then, you can receive money and pay off the loan at the nearest payment centers across Cambodia.

Also, you now can easily apply for a loan via the new Cashwagon’s mobile app, and you can download it from here:

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