How to Apply for Loans with Cashwagon App and Enjoy 0% Interest Loan

0% Interest Loan

Thanks to technological advances, we now can easily apply for personal loans online instantly without any collateral requirements, important documents, complex approval procedures, or prolonged time durations requested and dictated by financial institutions for traditional bank loans.

Lately, at Cashwagon Cambodia, we have provided a new offer for our new customers by giving out the first 10-day loan for FREE on interest rates and service charges—which means when you submit a loan for $80 today, you are only required to pay back $80. No additional charges on interest rates and fees!

Taking this into account, how do you apply for a loan with us?

Before we get into this, you should know that you can submit a loan at ease with our 3 methods:

  1. Go to our website and fill in your full name and phone number, and click “Start your application” to proceed. Complete our 4 easy steps: Personal Information, Address Details, Employment Details, and Disbursement details. Then, wait for a confirmation via a text message or phone call; if approved, your loan amount will be received within 30 minutes.
  2. Download our brand new mobile app on Google PLAY here:, and follow the instructions similar to the ones provided above.
  3. Contact our customer service at 016 962 512 and answer a few personal questions. Once agreed with our terms and conditions, you’ll receive your cash loan within 30 minutes.

Now that you’ve known about our means, you may proceed with the one that suits you the most to apply for the first 10-day loan without any additional charges on interest or fee. And applying for a loan through Cashwagon can be done effortlessly as we only need your ID card to be verified – no requirements of any pledged asset or other important documents.

When all goes according to plan, your loan amount requested will be delivered to you immediately, and you can pay back the loan via your bank account or any nearest payment centers across Cambodia.

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