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4 simple & easy steps for money and payback
Comfortable repaymentYou can make repetitive partial payments and pay off your loan in as long as 90 days.  Just make sure you pay your monthly prolongation payments on time
Wait for approvalGet quick confirmation via SMS or phone call
Receive moneyReceive your cash in 30 minutes at any nearest payment center.
Pay backUse any nearest payment center to pay back your loan.
Who can use our service?
Age19 - 60 years
OccupationEveryone who has got steady income legally
Why Cashwagon?
We are transparentWith the full cost shown up front, before you make a final decision to apply
Simple proceduresWe minimized all the documents to provide you the easiest way to get the loan. With just an application to fill, no collaterals and no guarantors
We are fastMoney will be sent immediately after the approval
Always there for you – any time, any placeWe appreciate your time, so all transactions are done 100% online, allowing you to send a request and get the money without leaving home.
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151,237 Clients Who Have Already Trusted Us
I wanted to get some loan, but the process in banks was too messed up and complicated. Took too long. But then I tried Cashwagon. Nice and fast service. Applied in the morning, got my money in the!
Ms. PhallaPhnom Penh
I got my first job but my salary is on the 5th, when I have to pay for my house’s rental fee on the 30th. I tried to borrow some money to pay for it, and it really worked! Thank you so much!
Mr. SokunSiem Reap
I wanted to buy a motorbike, but was $80 short. I didn’t know where to borrow, but then my friend asked me to apply for a loan from Cashwagon. I’m now on my new motorbike to get my salary to pay them b...ack! Can’t thank you enough!
Mr. PolinBattambang
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